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Metrologic - Siane 2024

Oct 22 - Oct 24

This event showcases products like manufacturing tools, measuring gauge, tools of paint, truck. Handling spreaders, tools installation, facilities of handling spreaders, tools bonding, facilities for lifting and handling, computer machines, cutting tools and many more.

There will be the manufacturers and designers, wholesalers, owners of industrial plants, software and hardware industries etc. There will be diversified trade and skills like machine tools, measurement, thermal treatment and surfaces, sheath metal, cutting, folding, assembly, electronics, plastic composites etc.

The fair attracts visitors and exhibitors from various industrial sectors and serves as an important meeting point for contractors from all industrial branches. It offers demonstration and handling workshops, meetings with professionals, and conferences, serving as a platform for exchange and discussion for industry experts.

The SIANE Industries Fair in Toulouse not only showcases the industrial diversity and innovative strength of the region and the country but also plays a key role in the economic development of the Midi-Pyrénées region. It highlights the driving forces of new industrial growth, promotes the attractiveness of sectors and the modernization of means of production, and connects these aspects with the energy transition.

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Metrologic Group provide the leading end-to end universal metrology software. The Metrolog X4 suite for quality assurance and dimensional analysis for conventional and portable devices and robotics. The software also enables offline program creation and simulation.