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Optimize your machine tools with GibbsCAM: get the best performance

Unlock productivity and cost savings with GibbsCAM CNC programming software: A success story by Wilson Tool International.

Wilson Tool International is a precision sheet metal tooling manufacturer providing tools for customers in sheet metal fabrication, pharmaceutical, and HVAC industries.

“For us, it’s important to have a system that can work with more than one machine tool, more than one location, and more than one technology because, oftentimes we’re looking to get our customer the best component the quickest, said Jason Esch, Sr, Manager of Operations, Wilson Tool International. “This might require us moving something from lathe to mill if we can complete more processes.”

GibbsCAM has helped Wilson Tool International automate the programming of hundreds of parts in a day. Before, each individual part needed to be programmed one by one. Now programming is automatic.

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Programming individual run, one at a time

Removing manual programing

Improving production time

Improving ROI

Moving from manual to automation




Increased production runs


High level quality

High level control


Standardization optimization

Employee specialization

Cost savings