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Valmet slashes losses by 50% after implementing CRIBWISE

Valmet optimized procurement processes, tool management, consumable output, and inventory controls with the help of cutting-edge solutions from CRIBWISE.

Valmet is a Finnish supplier to the papermaking industry and wanted to automate its inventory, department transparency, and consumable controls. Valmet partnered with CRIBWISE for an easy-to-install software solution. CRIBWISE implemented a modern and intelligent software for Valmet to achieve their goals. From tooling to reducing consumable items, it took CRIBWISE just five weeks to set-up and start managing 700+ items of stock between two departments and removing manual time-consuming processes.

The results achieved with CRIBWISE impressed Valmet’s management and executive teams, the company is planning to roll out the same software to other locations.

“It's a great solution for us and has made my job much easier. It’s easy to use, has a simple interface and it’s really saved me a great deal of time. We couldn’t do without it now and we are adding more and more items each month,” said Marcus Olsson, Valmet Warehouse and Tools Technician.

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Our solutions


A need for easy to install software

Reduce consumable

Improve inventory management

Remove manual systems

Improve cost savings

Improve dispense management




Decreased use of consumables

Department transparency

Inventory optimization

Work order management

Increased process efficiencies

Increase time efficiencies

Automated maintenance and calibrations

Automated purchase and service orders

Automated dispense management