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T.J. Boberek

Chief Technology Officer at Mastercam

T.J.’s leadership style is defined by a hands-on approach and deep commitment to software craftsmanship.

With a deep-rooted passion for software, T.J. Boberek has carved a niche for himself at Mastercam, where he currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer. His academic journey in computer science, culminating with degrees from Northeastern University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, laid a strong foundation for his specialization in software development.

At Mastercam, T.J.’s trajectory is distinguished by his relentless focus on harnessing software engineering expertise to deliver world-class software. His journey from a Quality Control Engineer to the helm of the company’s technology department is marked by his commitment to excellence in software development and implementation.

In his leadership role, T.J. is not just overseeing the development of software; he is actively involved in crafting strategies that drive innovation and deliver user impact. His approach combines a meticulous understanding of software engineering principles with a strategic vision, ensuring that the company's products not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

T.J.'s belief in the power of continuous improvement and his dedication to software engineering excellence have been pivotal in his ability to lead his team to develop cutting-edge software solutions, impacting users globally.

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