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Reduce 3D inspection by 75% with Silma and Metrolog X4

Achieve 4X faster inspection using Metrologic Group Silma and Metrolog X4

How metrology 3D inspections reduce set-up times using Silma and Metrolog X4?

Overall, the combination of automated programming, CAD integration, simulation, flexible measurement strategies, pre-configured templates, and real-time feedback offered by Silma and Metrolog X4 can significantly reduce setup times in metrology 3D inspection processes.

Inspect with total confidence

As an example, Figeac Aero, a Metrologic Group customer combined Silma and Metrolog X4 for 3D inspections, cutting their set-up time and metrology costs in half.

Prior to Metrolog, Figeac Aero used a very basic software with no access to the virtual definitions of the parts, had lots of manual entry, and time-consuming programming.

They decided to embark on an engineering project to enhance their 3D inspection capabilities and found success. This case study explores how the collaboration between Figeac Aero, Metrologic Group, and Hexagon successfully implemented Silma and Metrolog X4, leading to four times faster inspections and improved productivity.

“For the inspection of 3D parts of medium and large sizes including frame parts, in particular – our need was oriented towards a very powerful software in surface and geometric measurement. Given the numerous comparisons we make between the real part and the CAD - metrolog X4 is one of the best," said Moncet, FIgeac Aero manager of 3D control.

Challenges and goals

Figeac Aero faced challenges in inspecting large-scale 3D parts, such as a 12-meter-long wing spar, on their previous Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) with limited longitudinal measuring stroke. The process required multiple set-ups and consumed approximately 20 hours.

Collaborative efforts and integration were necessary to address the inspection challenges. The main goal was to figure out how to reduce the set-up time.

A critical aspect of this collaboration was the integration of Silma and Metrolog X4 software with a state-of-the-art CMM featuring a last-generation Computerized Numerical Control (CNC).

The following valuable support ensured the seamless integration of the CMM with the software solutions provided by Metrologic Group.

    • Enhanced Efficiency with Metrologic Group
    • The technological combination of the advanced CMM and Silma and Metrolog X4 software significantly improved the efficiency of Figeac Aero's 3D inspection team. Previously, inspecting the 12-meter wing spar required three set-ups and approximately 20 hours. The new CMM and software can inspect the same part in a single set-up, taking less than 5 hours. Directly improving increased productivity and reduced turnaround times for Figeac Aero.
    • Metrolog X4 Adds Powerful Software Capabilities

      Metrolog X4, with its robust surface and geometric measurement functionalities, proved to be a perfect fit for Figeac Aero's inspection needs. The software facilitated comprehensive comparisons between the fundamental part and the CAD model, ensuring precise measurements and accurate quality control.
    • Metrology Increased Productivity

      The combined use of Silma and Metrolog X4 offered Figeac Aero advanced simulation capabilities alongside high-level metrology functionalities. Optimizing their processes, reducing errors, and rework while maintaining high accuracy. Figeac Aero achieved heightened productivity and improved operational efficiency by leveraging simulation and metrology.

Metrolog X4 is one of the best, if not the best in the market.

Metrologic Group Silma and Metrolog X4

Before implementing Silma and Metrolog X4, Figeac Aero employed an essential software solution that needed access to virtual part definitions, resulting in manual data entry and time-consuming programming. However, the integration of Metrolog revolutionized their workflow by enabling the utilization of CAD files. This integration also empowered the 3D control department, granting them the autonomy previously under the Methods department's supervision.

The support from Metrologic Group was up to our expectations

Figeac Aero is a leading player in aeronautical subcontracting and has experienced continuous growth since its establishment in 1989. As part of their commitment to innovation and efficiency, quality assurance is a top priority.

Learn more how Metrologic Group saved set-up time for Figeac Aero.

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