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Digital solutions impact circularity and driving sustainability innovations

Meet Sandvik podcast, an interview with Mattias Nilsson, how digital solutions impact component manufacturing.

In a recent Meet Sandvik podcast interview with Mattias Nilsson, President of Sandvik Manufacturing Solutions, the topic centered around digital solutions and the impacts on component manufacturing.

One of several innovative highlights was a sustainability milestone coming from CGTech, a company acquired by Sandvik, who recently partnered with Sandvik Coromant’s Gimo facility using the Force® solution reduced their CO2 footprint. The success was a reduction by 15% on one machine.

Nilsson shared, “in the future, the use of software will be enormous and be a key enabler for companies to succeed with their journey towards a more sustainable operation.”

The Gimo facility has 400 machines, imagine the accumulative sustainability savings using CGTech’s Force with all of them.

Outcomes like this using digital software allows major innovations for sustainability improvements, and ultimately, impacting circularity and shifting innovation forward.

By using CGTech’s Force solution their machine configuration reduced energy consumption by 15%, on one machine.

Another focus about digital technologies is ensuring cyber security and connectivity is in place. Then artificial intelligence and machine learning. Nilsson shares what an exciting time it is and a really exciting journey because, digital solutions is helping to remove repetitive tasks that are being done today in a manual way in the workshop.

He continues, by removing repetitive tasks we can leverage the human creativity which allows for innovation and critical thinking which the technology can’t.

To really improve the way we work moving forward, I think the future of a workshop is truly exciting to be part of.

To dive deeper and hear a fresh perspective about digital solutions impacting circularity and driving sustainability innovations forward, tune into Meet Sandvik, podcast, and hear from Nilsson, hosted by Marita Sander.

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