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Sandvik launches Artificial Intelligence in CAM software together with Microsoft

Sandvik launches AI in the manufacturing software in alliance with Microsoft. A Manufacturing Copilot will be available when the next versions of the CAD/CAM software Cimatron, GibbsCAM and SigmaNEST are released in September.

The Manufacturing Copilot will enable a shift in the user experience with seamless access to knowledge, which is not broadly accessible today, simplifying the user-experience. Each Copilot has been trained on proprietary knowledge, unique to each brand, such as product knowledge base, and prompt optimized during 12 months. The Copilots will be further trained on technical support continuously and eventually connect with each other to bring even more intelligence to the shop floor.

The Manufacturing Copilot is developed in collaboration with Microsoft Azure cloud and AI services. This will provide customers a simple and more accessible experience with 24/7 intelligent customer assistance. The Copilot offers real-time updates and enables informed choices. This is the first step in the AI roadmap to enhance the customer experience.

The functionality will be available in September in connection to the next versions of the market leading CAD/CAM solutions: Cimatron for die and mold, GibbsCAM for advanced machining and SigmaNEST for sheet metal fabrication. Sandvik plans to integrate the Manufacturing Copilot gradually into more manufacturing software in the portfolio, also within metrology, enabling AI for its 400 000 users globally.

“We are rolling out new capability to help simplify manufacturing by decreasing the learning curve, repetitive tasks and time spent on programming a job. It will simplify onboarding as well for advanced users. We understand customers are facing challenges adopting new technology, often due to disconnected platforms, production targets and having higher demands upon a changing workforce. We will bend the curve on innovation and enrich the customer experience,” said Magnus Malmström, Chief Technology Officer at Sandvik Manufacturing Solutions.

By making manufacturing knowledge more accessible through natural language via generative AI, Sandvik wants to support unleashing human creativity at every stage of the process, from design to finished product, and reduce barriers between each process.

"Our technology vision is threefold," explains Malmström. "Initially, generative AI will assist in component design by interpreting prompts to allow contextual queries and offer suggestions based on in-house product knowledge bases. Next, the Manufacturing Copilot will evolve into an intelligent user experience that cooperatively optimizes and verifies processes by intelligent integration with our products. After that, we envision use of alternative choice to use voice and command line interface driven manufacturing.”

In September, the first version will launch and new functionality will be made available gradually and in more manufacturing software solutions.

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For further information, please contact: Holly Keating, Content Specialist, Sandvik Manufacturing Solutions, email: holly.keating@sandvik.com

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