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Lighthouse program

To inspire others to innovate in manufacturing with a customer-first approach.

Sandvik’s Lighthouse program has been established to gain a better understanding of the customer to realize use cases that connect various types of technology including CAM, metrology, robotics, and digital tool management.

The aim is to operate in an open and agnostic ecosystem. This allows products to interact seamlessly with complementary products in the industry so that software solutions and hardware work together efficiently.

“Through this journey, we have a customer centric approach, inspiring innovation, addressing needs and providing solutions to a range of pain points,”

says Fredrik Svensson, Business Developer at Sandvik.

We work closely with selected Lighthouse partners, to install solutions that provide continuous feedback, guiding our software development. The working relationship enables quick customer feedback and testing of product ideas to reveal new business opportunities and added customer value.

Top priorities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cost and time savings
  • Improved production
  • Equipment effectiveness
  • Better control of the shop floor

All of these contribute to reducing waste, improving sustainability, and increasing profitability.

Sandvik Lighthouse customers

Fårbo Mekaniska AB

"Being a Lighthouse gives us great possibilities to reach more people and tell the story about what life in a mechanical workshop can be like."


"I am happy that we will now be even more actively involved in the future of the manufacturing industry."