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“Being a Sandvik Lighthouse Partner, it became very clear what enormous potential there is in the digitalization of manufacturing. Increased efficiency, conservation of resources and modern workplaces are just three aspects that can be mentioned in this context. "

Marco Bauer, CEO MAB GmbH

For MAB GmbH, the connected manufacturing environment is aimed at

  • Increasing efficiency of production,
  • Improving quality,
  • Shortening cycle time

All leading to increased number of units produced. Areas for improvement have been identified as:

  • Gaining control and insight into inventory usage
  • Reducing scrap rate (on first pieces)
  • Easing the burden of highly skilled employees
  • Attracting new employee talent
  • Increasing CAM software usage in turning department

MAB GmbH, a German-based job shop, is a contract manufacturer serving multiple industries including general engineering, medical, and aerospace. The company has numerous machining, additive, and fabricating capabilities with an emphasis on High Mix, Low Volume (HMLV) batch manufacturing. MAB GmbH is implementing VERICUT Simulation, GibbsCAM and Comara appCom.