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Our Vision

Our ambition is to make the shift towards efficient and sustainable manufacturing possible thru automated and connected solutions. As the market leader in metal-cutting tools with more than 100,000 customers and 400,000 software licenses in our manufacturing software offerings, we have a unique foundation to build on.

Our strategic focus is to grow in the digital manufacturing space, with special attention on industrial software close to component manufacturing. As the market leader in metal-cutting tools with more than 100,000 customers and 400,000 software licensees in our manufacturing software offerings, we have a unique foundation to build on.

Our ambition is to develop solutions to automate the manufacturing value chain for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (SME’s) – and deliver competitive point solutions for large original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). Combining the strengths of our software solutions with Sandvik’s offering and know-how within machining is an important enabler in automating the customers’ end-to-end manufacturing processes to improve quality and reduce waste for our customers.

We envision the future of component manufacturing entailing several closed loops, from design to manufacturing, and from manufacturing to metrology. Imagine that a digital thread runs through the different process steps, seamlessly connected and automated, enabling a feedback loop putting data to use for continuous improvements.

The manufacturing industry’s path towards closed loops is a wise step, when you consider the large variations, depending on customer’s starting point and maturity levels. Our mission is to continue developing solutions to help our customers achieve this goal, catering to their needs irrespective of where they are in the process.

We support our customers throughout the value chain - from design and planning to preparation, production and verification. Our solutions include market leading metal-cutting tools, tooling systems, in-line metrology solutions and metal powder for 3D-printing.

We are investing above industry average for our offering to continue to be leading, efficient, and sustainable. Together with our end-to-end digital manufacturing and software solutions, we are helping our customers optimize their manufacturing process to reduce costs, increase quality and throughput, and reduce the environmental footprint.

Our solutions are always brand-agnostic and open, and engineered for a seamless and integrated manufacturing ecosystem.

With this approach we aim to develop solutions to help our customers as they move towards more autonomous processes over time, enabling improved efficiency, performance, and reduced waste.

We will do this with a flexible approach, catering to customer needs irrespective of where they are in development, leveraging a comprehensive portfolio of brand-agnostic solutions and a robust network of partners.

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