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Metrology solutions

At Sandvik, we provide metrology solutions that help you automate your processes. Our range of products and solutions are designed to enhance quality, efficiency, productivity, and connect them with the engineering teams. By implementing our ready to use and integrated products, you can benefit from improved quality control, digital thread integration, closed-loop feedback, automation and time savings. Our solutions increase productivity and manufacturing efficiency.

In Sandvik we are uniquely positioned to address the move from stationary and portable CMM into in-line and multi sensor systems to automated inspection and assembly with data visualization and insights in manufacturing execution and planning. Our product offering operates in an open eco system and can easily be integrated into other brands metrology solutions. Our metrology solutions can help you automate your manufacturing and provide value as unique products or act as building blocks for a complete platform. By implementing our products, you will benefit from improved quality control, digital thread integration, closed-loop feedback, automation, and time savings. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your manufacturing processes with our metrology solutions.

Explore our product offering

3DCS Variation Analyst – Industry leading tolerance analysis software

CAD integrated simulation software used in the aerospace, automotive, medical device, electronics, and machinery industries to create digital twins to simulate assembly processes and tolerance stacks using 3D models.

Planner X4 - Prepare your work & plan your inspection

Identify the features to be measured and prepare the Inspection feature plan. Compatible with any CAD and any embedded PMI data or inspection planning files.

Silma X4 - Offline programming, advanced simulation & digital twin

3D metrology software enabling complete intuitive offline program creation and simulation. Simulate the measurement workflow and detect collisions using a digital twin – the virtual representation of your real-life CMM environment.

ZeroTouch® - High-Speed Metrology Platforms

ZeroTouch® uses multiple non-contact inspection technologies such as lasers, vision systems and other sensor technologies. Rapid in-line or near-line measurements of 100% of parts with high precision and repeatability.

Metrolog X4 – Universal 3D measurement software

3D metrology software reference for quality assurance and dimensional analysis powers all existent conventional and portable metrology equipment. Detect and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues with 3D measurement.

QDM SPC Platform – Quality Management System

QDM SPC Platform gives you access to your quality information from anywhere, at any time, instantly. Automate your quality collection and start reducing your costs with real-time monitoring and powerful SPC tools.

i-Robot - Robotic inspection made easy

Suitable for all industrial robots, Metrolog i-Robot is based on a high-speed acquisition laser scanner attached to a multi-axes robot wrist. It handles directly robot motions and inspection commands in one single part program.

ATT Metrology Solutions

Industry-leading service provider focused on customized inspection software solutions and real-time machine guidance using industrial vision systems.

Sandvik companies behind the product offering

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